Finally Worked it All Out

We seriously want to homeschool the boys – at least through elementary school.  I’d be happy if Kaylee would want to be homeschooled, but she doesn’t and since she’s thriving in public high school we don’t see a reason to remove her (although, I did spend several weeks this summer trying to talk her into it – lol).

I’m a busy person.  I tend to have several irons in the fire simultaneously.  I’m great at multitasking and quite capable of juggling.  However, I realize that if I want to homeschool the boys, I need to be able to stop everything around me, end the outside distractions, and just teach.  This is my trial year.  Scott just turned 5 and we are “Redshirting” him – so we’re going to work with a 4K program.  If I can do it full time this year, then we know we’ll be able to continue doing it.  If not, then we need look at our other options.

It’s taking completely restructuring my schedule.  While I was working all of this out, Gregg and I found out about his new job!  (Yay!)  That was a HUGE relief for me – what a load of weight off of my normal day just having my mate, my partner, my other part of my “one” home every night — which made me have to rework more things.

Here are the changes to my schedule that really stand out:

  • The Homeschool day is now worked into it.
  • I no longer have someone coming in to help me clean.  For the last several months, I was helping a family who needed the financial assistance.  But in a move to be more frugal, I’ve made some household cuts.  So, I’ve worked the major housecleaning back into my daily routine.  Honestly, that makes me happy.  I was not happy letting someone else do it, and so much wasn’t getting done the way I wanted it done.  It’s a relief to just have it all back under my own control.
  • I am writing two days a week.  I have a babysitter coming from 8-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  My blog work will take about 2-3 hours each of those two days, and then remaining 5-6 hours will be spent writing books or marketing my current books.  My babysitter is amazing and has about ten years of preschool work under her belt.  She will be doing an hour of phonics and reading work with Scott while Johnathan naps.
  • I will no longer be volunteering at the soup kitchen – for now.  In order to do homeschool, the blog, and writing, I had to give up something.  There was absolutely no room in my schedule for it.  However, there has been a lot of restructuring there, they have several new cooks, and I am “on call” in case they find themselves in a jam and need a cook temporarily.  I am, however, still volunteering weekly for the Glen Eden Youth Center.
  • I have WAAAAY less computer time.  Computer was the primary source of communication for Gregg and me.  By noon most days, he was in his room (8½ hours ahead of us) and we would spend several hours chatting online.  That gave me several hours a day to correspond, write, blog, Facebook, Tweet.  I am quite happy to be exchanging that time for teaching my boys and will do the bulk of my writing and correspondence on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I finally have all of the kinks worked out of my new schedule, and we started implementing it yesterday.  Here is the link to the schedule tab.  It may be that Gregg’s job will require some adjustments.   I’ll make changes as they become apparent.

It looks a little intimidating at a glance.  But, there is a lot of downtime worked into the schedule to accommodate a boy’s need to move and play instead of sit and learn.  I’m a schedule girl – if I’m strict and stick to the schedule, it will all go smoothly.

Here is a copy of the schedule –and below it is my new chore chart.


Mon/Wed/Fri Tue/Thur
05:00 Gregg & Hallee – Bible study & prayer time
06:00 Exercise / begin daily laundry
06:30 Wake boys / family breakfast / read chapter from Proverbs
07:00 Gregg leaves / switch out laundry / breakfast dishes / 3 Chores You Should Do Every Morning / Kaylee school prep / Boys television time
07:45 Drive Kaylee to school
08:00 Homeschool: Phonics, Go for the Code, Reading Hallee: chores first then blog work and writing time (laundry in between working)

Babysitter works with boys.

09:00 Boys free play

Hallee daily chores/ laundry/ bread prep

09:30 Comprehensive curriculum – Answers in Genesis, learning about regional area
11:00 Boys free play – OUTSIDE

Hallee bread baking / finishing chores / finishing laundry / computer correspondence

Boys: free play
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Jeb Nap Scott Math Jeb Nap Sitter & Scott:
Go for the Code
14:00 Scott Computer Scott free play & Hallee chores
15:00 Art / Baking / Music
16:00 Kaylee home / Family time / Kaylee Homework / Boys free play
17:00 Dinner Prep
17:30 Family Devotion Time
18:00 Dinner Time
19:00 Kaylee/Gregg: dishes

Hallee/Scott & Jeb: Bible story

19:30 Scott & Jeb: bath & Kaylee: homemwork
20:00 Scott & Jeb: bedtime
20:30 Wind down from the day with family time
21:30 Kaylee: bedtime
22:00 Gregg & Hallee: bedtime

And the weekly chore/laundry list:




  • Sweep main floor including kitchen and living room
  • Dishes
  • Make beds
  • Straighten bathroom
  • Straighten toys/books

  • Sweep & mop
  • Windows/glass doors
  • Wash walls
  • Dust
  • Vacuum furniture
  • White bleach
  • Red
  • Tan/brownHappy Homemaker Ironing


  • Dust
  • Sweep/mop
  • Change bed


  • Mop
  • Change cat litter
  • Wipe appliances
  • Straighten shelves
  • Jeans
  • Towels

Happy Homemaker Bathroom

  • Vacuum stairs
  • Sweep/mop hall
  • Wash walls
  • Dust banister


  • Clean surfaces
  • Mop


  • Dust
  • Sweep/mop
  • Change beds

  • All bedding

Happy Homemaker Clothesline

Thursday KITCHEN

  • Mop
  • Scrub counters
  • Clean cabinets
  • Clean appliances
  • Wash windows
  • Wash walls


  • Vacuum
  • Dust railings
  • Dust furniture
  • Straighten books/ papers
  • Blue/purple
  • Black
  • Gray/green

Happy Homemaker Mops


  • Mow
  • Rake
  • Sweep porches
  • Mop Florida room
  • Clean windows
  • Extra colored
  • White no bleach
Happy Homemaker Dishes

I am really really looking forward to seeing how this year turns out!



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