The Zombie Apocalypse & Friends Who Really Know Me

My friends and family mock my pantry.  It’s actually a room – and the shelves share space with the washer and dryer, so it’s not all food shelves.  But, there’s an awful lot of food in that pantry.  Some was canned by me – not as much as will be in the future.  The rest was stockpiled – not for the event of an emergency, but because we live about two hours from the closest military commissary so we bulk shop our food.  We purchase beef by the steer and have a huge chest freezer just for the beef, and bulk purchase the other meats we eat.

We also purchase dried goods in bulk.  We order our wheat by the 6-gallon bucket, so we just throw in an order for other foods as well into the order for the wheat.  We figure we’re already paying for the shipping – might as well get some good organic dried goods at the same time.  I think this is really the basis for the mocking.  See these?

These are 6-gallon buckets full of every kind of bean you can imagine, dried peas, oats, popcorn (used in making cornmeal), three kinds of wheat berries, and sugar.  I have a friend who has several more buckets of grain berries to make into flour for me.  I just need to get to her house to pick them up.

My husband once joked that when the zombie apocalypse happened, everyone should come to our house because we could feed them for a while.  I honestly thought that he’d made the phrase up, because he’s clever like that.  But come to find out, it’s a running joke about people who stockpile food, by people who stockpile food.

A friend of mine recently sent me this picture, thinking that I would appreciate it.

I cannot tell you how hard I laughed or how much I appreciated her thinking of me when she saw it.

It’s nice to have friends who understand  me, and who love me anyway.



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