Food Art: Watermelon Shark

The morning of Scott and Johnathan’s  combo birthday party, right as I was whipping the butter and palm shortening for the Ambrosial Buttercream Frosting that I was making to put on the double layered sheetcake  I’d baked the day before, the power went out across my town.  I never found out what happened, but the timing was bad.

I had meat I needed to slice with the meat slicer for the sandwiches, I had mayonnaise to make with my immersion blender, and I had frosting to make for the cake.  None of that could be done, reasonably, without power.

Feeling slightly overwhelmed with the thought of all that I had to do, I decided to do something I thought I wouldn’t have time to do — make a watermelon shark.

Scott LOVES sea creatures – and I knew he’d love this shark.

I realized halfway through making it that I wasn’t taking pictures for you.  I apologize for that.  My mind was elsewhere.

I cut the end off of an oval-shaped watermelon.  I had about two-thirds of the melon left.  Sitting it on the flat side, with the tip of my knife I drew an arc on either side – almost like a smiley face mouth – from the top of the melon down to form the mouth.

I cut out the melon along the two arcs.  When I was finished, Scott came into the kitchen and said, “Is that a shark?”  So, I felt pretty comfortable with the shape of the mouth.

Then I just cut the teeth out – cutting out triangles.  It reminded me of carving pumpkins.

Once I had the teeth cut, I carefully shaved off the green on the teeth – so that they would be white teeth coming up out of the green melon.

I scooped out the flesh of the watermelon to form the inside of the mouth.

Using a piece of the cut-out mouth, I made a fin.  At Scott’s insistence, I made a tongue out of watermelon flesh.

Using two toothpicks and two purple grapes, I put “eyes” on either side of the head.

By the time I finished, I’d re-centered my thoughts on how to work around no power.  By the time we had the party at noon, everything that needed to be accomplished was accomplished, and the party was a huge success.



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