You Say Potaytoh, I Say Potahtoh

So, my container potato planting last year was a fail.  The plants grew and grew beautifully, but when I dumped the dirt, everywhere there was a potato was a hollow place in the dirt.  I don’t know if critters got it, or if there was something wrong with the potatoes.

I went to make dinner last night, and my bag of organic potatoes are all sprouting.  I thought, I wonder if I should make a new garden patch, or if I should try the container again.  Or maybe I should just cut the sprouts off and make mashed potatoes.

Here is what is left of this side of my yard.  The other half of my yard is fenced off, and boys and dogs run wild back there.  No garden can go there, trust me.  Anyway, back to this half — the rest of the yard is what you see in the garden pics:

We’re about to re-do the fence.  The fence that has the hose hanger thing on it is coming down, and the fence is getting extended all the way to the front of the house.  We’re then installing a dog run – it will run from where this patio ends to the end of the new fence.  So, I don’t have from the patio edge to the end of the current fence – that will all be incorporated in the new dog run.  I only have from this pole (which is cemented into the ground and cannot be moved – we think it held a satellite dish) to the edge of the newer garden.

I’ve never grown potatoes in the ground.  Is this enough room to plant a couple rows of potatoes?  Or should I give the container a go again?

What do you think?



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