Big Boy Beds

My parents came in town this weekend.  Kaylee had a horse show and they came to watch her compete.  My dad brought his tool box with him and requested a list of things to do.

The list is as long as my arm, but on the top was putting beds together.  I wanted to get Kaylee into a full bed (her feet have started hanging over the end of her twin bed), and move the boys from toddler beds into twin beds.  My dad spent Saturday morning putting beds together, then we spent Saturday afternoon trying desperately to figure out how to get them to fit in the bedroom.

Here is what the room looked like before Jeb was put into a toddler bed.  There was no difference in the setup – just replace the crib with a bed of the same size.

Here it is now.  We had to lose the tall cabinet.  There is no closet in this room, and some clothes were stored in there.  However, both beds have drawers under them, and I ended up with extra drawer space, so it wasn’t a great loss.

You’ll notice that Scott’s pillow is not against the wall.  The door opens toward his bed, and he was very scared being shielded by the door or with the door shut, so I just placed his pillow at the foot of the bed.  That way, he can see Jeb, and he can see out the door.  As soon as I did that, he went to sleep just fine.

They’ve been in their beds for three nights now, and slept through two of them.  That is major progress.

The next step I need to get their wallpaper up.  These walls were painted this way when we moved in.  I’ve had the wallpaper for two years and simply haven’t taken the time to put it up.



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