Month: July 2010


Even with him 8,000 miles away…

coming home for just a few weeks every 6 or 7 months…

My Gregg still has a “Honey-Do” list waiting on him.


Menu Monday 19 July 2010 – Gregg Comes Home!

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of July 19th. Gregg comes home Saturday morning (YAY!) and Scott’s birthday party is Sunday afternoon (FUN!) As far as desserts for the week go, I’m going to attempt to get the cookie jar filled, as it is very low, and I’m going to make a Heavenly Red Velvet Cake, which is Gregg’s favorite. But that may or may not happen because I also have to make Scott’s birthday cake (aka the Lightning McQueen birthday cake).

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Peace that Passes Understanding

I’ve talked before about how Scott was born premature. I’ve shared little bits and pieces of how I’d spent 10 days in the hospital prior to his emergency c-section, and how my blood pressure finally got too high on a day when the ultrasound results showed Scott in serious distress, and the doctor – who had been waiting for either one of us to start failing before he would take action – realized that both of his patients were critical and he needed to move NOW.


Surviving Separation: Time Left

Gregg calls where he is the weirdest timezone on the planet. It isn’t 8 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Or 9 hours ahead. It’s 8½ hours ahead.

Not always easy to calculate on the fly. I’ve gotten good at it, but it’s easier for me to calculate forward than it is for him to calculate backward.


The Garden – Week 10

I’m going to have to devote some time today to make some relish. Cucumbers are taking over my refrigerator. I also have 3 big gallon bags of green beans that I need to freeze. I bought a new seal-a-meal – I’m excited to unbox it and put it to use!


Little Helpers

The first time Kaylee ever kneeded dough, she still had a pacifier in her mouth (I wish I could find that picture.) That made her younger than 3. Now, at 13, she can make anything. She can read just about any recipe, follow the instructions, and create. I let her cook without restraint, and have, just this year, started letting her cook even if I’m not home.


Creation: Darwinian Evolutionary Frauds Pt. IV

If Darwinists were so obviously right, why all the Pious Fraud? Why ANY fraud at all? Why not let facts lead to unavoidable conclusions? Why add lies, misdirection, obfuscation, mendacity, fraud, and fabrication to the argument? Why is that necessary? What is the meaning of that? What do you suppose the intent, is?

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