First Impressions

My parents have an amazing yard.  They have spent the last six or seven years working day and night during the warm weather months.  There are stone paths that lead around flowering bushes and trees, flower beds on levels all throughout the yard, beautiful hanging plants all around — it is the most peaceful, relaxing oasis on this planet.  I love their yard.  Here are some small examples of what their yard looks like.  I wish I could take you on a video tour.  These pictures don’t even begin to do the yard justice.

I would love to have a yard like that, but I don’t know where to start.  I come home from their house so inspired, then I wander around the garden center of Lowes and don’t do anything.  We moved into our home on July 2nd three years ago, and I’ve never done anything but mow the yard or build a vegetable garden.

When my parents were here for Jeb’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, my dad came in from outside and told me he would come back this past week to help me.  Let me show you what he saw:

The first day we started working, it rained really hard right in the middle of the morning.  My house faces west, so once the rain left, the sun was beating about 100 degrees down onto our work area.  So, we didn’t get as much accomplished the first day as my dad wanted.

The next day, and daddy’s last day here, he started before 7AM and I joined him as soon as I had boys fed and occupied.  We worked straight through the morning and got all of the clearing done, then headed to Lowes to get the plants.  On his advice, we started small so that I could see what I liked, what worked in the areas, and what didn’t work.  I added a few annuals just to fill in the gaps until we can see what we want in other areas.

My dad says that he didn’t get as much done as he wanted to get done, but the difference is amazing.

My dad is amazing!


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