Organizing the Boys’ Room

I’ve been looking for a way to organize the boys’ toys.  What we were using was a big Rubbermaid bin.  But it was so deep that for Jeb to even be able to access any toy that wasn’t on top, we had to lay it on its side.  They also didn’t even know what was in it – so they never played with anything.

In our church nursery, there are two shelves that are made from cubes that have cloth drawers.  I’ve always admired how the shelves look, but I didn’t think too much about them until my first Sunday working the nursery.  I discovered that those cubes hold an amazing amount of stuff!

I’ve been keeping my eye out for something similar.  There isn’t enough room in the boys’ room for two separate shelves, and one shelf (with a total of 6 cubes) wouldn’t have been big enough.

I finally found exactly what I wanted — a 9 cube shelf.  The drawers were sold separately, so I bought four drawers.

Here is an idea of what it looked like before:

I already had a small cube shelf that I’ve used to store their shoes.  I love it, by the way.  It’s perfect and orderly.

When I put together the toy cube, I was so pleased to discover that almost all of the toys in the big bin fit into it.  I was able to categorize the drawers (cars, animals, tools) and stack some different organizing bins on top.

Off to the right, there are larger bins for shape sorters and trains.

One of the cool things about this toy cube is that it matches the rest of the furniture in the room beautifully.

I had to also create a different basket for the large cars and trucks that they play with.

Having everything sorted and organized this way makes for a quick cleanup and teaches the boys organizing skills.

All in all, a 9-cube bin, a couple of cloth drawers, and a few colorful baskets helped me organize their entire room and created an environment that encourages individual play time.


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