Month: February 2010

Whole Wheat Bread Bowls

A friend of mine posted a Facebook status about homemade potato soup that she put in Panera bread bowls, and I made the comment that they wouldn’t be hard to make. A few days later, she flagged me on the Hallee the Homemaker fanpage and asked if I’d made bread bowls yet. So, here they are.

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Dressed for Success

He’d said this to me for years – in fact, in an email I received from him a week after I met him, he extolled how much he loved the fact that I put an effort into looking nice. But this time, reading it, I took it as an accusation – as in, “I would appreciate it if you would put an effort into your appearance, but you don’t because you’re fat, ugly, frumpy, limp.”


Out with Adsense, In with Good Sense

Unlike the and occasional Amazon links found here, we had no control over the content of the Google Ads, and they very often linked to sites that were in direct oppostion to my mission statement. We decided to remove the Google Ads from the main blog. We felt they had no place here.


Take Pictures

Go take pictures of your kids.  Wrap your arms around your husband’s neck and take a picture of the two of you.  Hand the camera over to someone sitting next to you in the restaurant and have him  take a picture of you and your family.


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