Blizzard Bloghop Tour: First Hops

The Blizzard BlogHop Tour

Oh my, but the Blizzard Bloghop was SO much fun. I wanted to be your tourguide on a whirlwind trip through the Blissdom Blizzard folks who got snowed in and Bloghopped instead. I reacquainted myself with some great friends I already knew and hopefully made some new friends along the way. I’ll post about 10 tourspots a day in no particular order until we get through the list.

Okay — I had to skip a few blogs, though.  I have committed to keeping my blog child safe and family friendly, so if a linked blog  was too “edgy” then I couldn’t make it a tour spot.  Rest assured I probably enjoyed visiting — depending on the edginess factor — appreciate your efforts, think of you fondly, and please don’t take it personally.

That said, help yourself to coffee or hot chocolate.  Grab some warm (but still stylish) shoes, and your purse of course, and since it’s a blizzard maybe a matching scarf and gloves, and let’s go hopping.  (And these are in no particular order.)

First on the list is our beautiful bloghop hostess, Ann Marie, the Household 6 Diva. Ann Marie is one of my very favorite people on the internet and graciously guest blogged for me when my deployed hubby came home on leave, a favor I would gladly return any time. She did allow me to contribute a cookbook as a giveaway for the Blizzard Bloghop so I am mollified for the time being.  I read her blog almost every day and I am always interested in what she and her awesome hubby, 2 little boys, and her lovely baby daughter are up to now.  I hope to meet her in person when she and the rest of the Diva household is back in the US. Or maybe I’ll have to go visit them in Europe.  It would be hard to pick a favorite post on the Diva’s blog but I LOVED the pictorial of these guidon cookies from last December.

Next was Sidnie at GreenEnoughForMe who has 2 boys each just a few months younger than my two little paratroopers. Sidnie is a gorgeous southern belle currently in Germany playing “dependent” with the love of her life, soldier hubby David. The verse on the footer of her blog is Jeremiah 29:11 which sets the tone of this tour spot. Her warmth and her humor about everyday living is something I really enjoy because — haven’t we all been there? A post that reminded me of my very own adventures raising boys is entitled “Oh, Where is My Hairbrush” which made me chuckle, even though I know that song will be stuck in my head for a few days now.

Next is a new friend, Kristi, whom I added to my blogroll almost right away. Her blog is entitled Run the Earth…Watch the Sky.  What a cool blog and what an impressive lady. I am really looking forward to digging in and hopefully gaining more insight into biblical womanhood. Also, I can’t wait to use my homemade vanilla extract to make some of her homemade vanilla creamer, and I LOVE her antique coffee sign.

Freshen up your coffee or hot chocolate and hop over to meet an impressive young lady named Satakieli, a 24 year old Britainer who fell in love and became the lovely wife of an American soldier. Her amazing son, Mikey, is 2 years old and was born at a scant 32 weeks weighing 4lbs 6oz — a giant compared to my little Scott at 30.5 weeks. I am certain we could swap NICU stories. From what I can see so far, little Mikey is doing what little boys do best which is — giving momma gray hairs! So much so that Satakiela says she “went insane and died it all red.”  I envy her ability to crochet and make such lovely things by hand. I plan to read the entire wonderful love story of meeting and marrying her soldier and hopefully swap some recipes.

Next, let me introduce an impressive new friend, Sandra Peoples, at her Heart for Him ministry blog. Sarah is helpmate to Pastor Lee and mother to two boys aged 4 and 2 years old, so each a few months older than my 2 little paratroopers. In addition to her ministry blog, Sarah maintains 2 other blogs! I cannot wait to dive into Today’s Housewife and Celebrate Every Day.  I am deeply impressed with Sandra’s heart for ministry and commitment to living a life of Biblical Womanhood. I really enjoyed her insights into Ephesians 5:33 which can be found here.

Today’s tour is half over. Anybody need a refill or a pitstop?

Keeping in line with meeting the helpmates of our clergymen, lets visit with Kristie, 32 years-old, whose commercial airline pilot hubby of 8 years felt called to become a Navy Chaplain. Called into ministry and the military! That must have been a seriously loud shout.   Thier touchstone verse is 2 Samuel 22:37. They are currently stationed in Crete, Greece which is a place I very much want to visit someday. I know I am going to enjoy Kristie and stories she shares because Krisite appears to be “kindof” spunkie despite an obviously loving heart.

Next was Julie the Army Wife, currently in Germany by way of California — and Kentucky! — wife to soldier Ben and mom to 2 boys aged 3 and 5 years old. Julie and I share a love for God, our families, and blogging. If they are stationed in KY again, we are definitely going to make a playdate. I love her series on Surviving a Deployment which, for some odd reason, I could not link to. But you will see it at the top of her blog and on the right.  Give her a look.

Hop over to visit Lauren at Leaving a Legacy. She and her husband Eric are parents of Olivia, age two and Noah, still brand new. Lauren and I have a lot in common! If our Johnathan had been a girl, he would have been Kimbrell Olivia. I am thinking of trying her Jewish Apple Cake when our apple tree comes in this year.  I will certainly check back for recipes, prayer requests, and to see how little Olivia and Noah are getting along.

Two tour-spots to go.  Is everyone together?

Allow me to introduce Amy the Undomestic Army Wife.  Myself being a writer and an officer in both the Faith, Hope and Love chapter of the RWA and the Kentucky Romance Writers of America, I know I am going to enjoy Amy in the coming months because she has linked the first few chapters of her novel-in-progress entitled Something About Fate on her blog.

Let’s finish our tour by dropping in on Julie who went from Inmates to Playdates.  Before trading handcuffs for homemaking, Julie counseled inmates at the regional jail!  She lives right next door in West Virginia and she is married to a McGuardsman she calls McDaddy.  They are proud parents to 2 boys aged 7 and 4.  In the “been there done that” category, her year in pictures post made my heart ache with my very own memories.

Okay, everyone!  That’s our first ten hops.  I hope you enjoyed it and I encourage you to visit these awesome, inspiring, funny, and interesting blogs.  If you like what these ladies do, don’t be shy about leaving them a comment.  Comments are the currency that rewards the blogger’s soul.


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