Spotting Coupon Fraud

A friend of mine has a blog that I have listed on my blogroll (Couponing 101).  I found a link on her blog this morning that I think is important to share.

I’m a coupon clipper.  If I shopped for my groceries at civilian grocery stores, shopping store brands and such might prove to be cheaper, but since I shop at the commissary, coupons provide a massive savings on top of massive savings for me.

Our local paper doesn’t have a Sunday issue, so I have to go out of my way to get the Sunday coupons.  In recent years, however, those same coupons are available online.

I use as the base for finding all of my online coupons and have for years and years.  There are a multitude of links available on that site that take you to all different types and styles of coupons.  When I first started using them, it was hard to find a store that accepted them, even the commissary.  From what I can tell, coupons printed from online sources are widely accepted now. posted a tutorial on how to spot a fraudulent online coupon.  I hope it gives you some insight, maybe teaches you something you didn’t already know.


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