Columbus Day homeschooling crafts — Egg Carton Ships

columbusday2Egg Carton Ships

As I was planning the homeschool curriculum for Scott and Johnathan today, I came across this brilliant idea for a visual lesson to teach Columbus Day.  I will use these ships in conjunction with the world map we’re going to make, too.

What you’ll need:

3 cardboard egg cups

¼ cup modeling clay or play dough

6 toothpicks

1 sheet white paper


White craft glue

How to make it:

Do this ahead of time:

Cut sails from white paper. You will need 6 large sails (1.5″ x 1″) and 18 small sails (.5″ x .75″).

Set aside three of the toothpicks for the large sails. Break or cut the other three toothpicks in half, giving you 6 halves.

Put a line of glue through the middle of one of the small sails. Place the cut or broken end of one of the toothpick halves onto the glue line.

Roll it in the glue to cover both sides, then place another sail on top, sandwiching the two sails together. Flatten the sails together with your fingers and set aside to dry.

Repeat with each toothpick half and 2 small sails (each).

Following the same procedure, make the larger salls. For each large sail you will need a toothpick, 2 small sails and 2 large sails. Glue the small sail to the end of the full toothpick, and then glue the larger sail beneath it, leaving a small gap between the top and bottom sail. Set aside to dry.

Once you have the sails dried and ready, then have your preschooler help you assemble the ships:

Roll a small amount of clay in your palm, enough to line the bottom of the egg cup. Place in the egg cup and flatten to cover bottom.

Insert open end of large sail into the middle of the clay. Insert two small sails, one on either side of the large sail, into the clay.  (I would take the opportunity to talk about rectangles.)

Use in conjunction with this world map craft and have the ships “make” the voyage!


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